DJ CHEF is a well known celebrity chef and DJ in the corporate entertainment industry. His services include organizing cooking and Disc Jockeying for large-scale events, ultimately bringing your event experience to a higher next level of excellence. DJ CHEF, the entertainer, stands out in the entertainment world as one of the best corporate entertainers. What makes him unique is his ability to “spin the beats while cooking the treats”.

DJ CHEF is not a new name in the entertainment world, where he delivers the best DJ services combined with cooking wonderful food. He is known as one of the best entertainers and clients typically rehire him for multiple events. We understand the art of entertaining DJ CHEF’S clients based on their preferred taste in food, mood, and milieu.


We know that events are an important part of our lifestyle & culture. Events with music and food are an important component of partying and celebrating. DJ CHEF understands the importance of your big day events, providing the best services with music for corporate event entertainment, while he also cooks special client requested dishes on the spot.

This is the unique and unmatched quality entertainment experience you can expect from DJ CHEF.

Cooking and DJ Services for Corporate Entertainment Industry

Music and great food can help achieve a successful event by creating the right mood and giving good vibes. It is of considerable importance in corporate entertainment to provide great fun. The type of music played at an event is something that can help determine how an event might play out in terms of participants having a good time. DJ CHEF is an expert in creating and managing the music playlist for an event while simultaneously cooking. Events he has covered include concerts, ceremonies, wine shows, festivals, and trade shows. As a result of having many years of experience, DJ CHEF pays extra special attention to setting up his table and lighting to fit in with your event’s theme. 

Creative Ideas for Delivering Excellence

DJ CHEF has hosted and catered to business clients at numerous corporate entertainment events. You can check our list of events and read through client testimonials highlighting the satisfaction of our clients. At every event, DJ CHEF makes a lasting impression with creative cooking recipes and music ideas. Our team works closely with you to make sure your company has an incredible experience.

Connect with People

Corporate events are the best place to interact with people, share ideas, promote your business, and get quality feedback. DJ CHEF is here to fulfill your entertainment needs for these special events. We know the event industry in and out. Choosing the right plan and executing these plans is no easy task. However, as a team, we will not fail to make your event a success.

Quality Work

DJ CHEF believes in great quality work and perfection. He has his own setup but makes sure it is great while also making sure that it fits in with your party theme. Our attention to fine quality and details gives us the ability to stand out in the corporate event entertainment industry. The tasty food DJ CHEF creates at events is just another benefit of booking your next event with us.

Excellent Music

Whether an event is considered large scale or a private theme party, music is an important component. Once you have chosen your desired décor and made your all-important venue selection, the remaining ingredients include food and music with specific song selections if you have them. Deciding on the right music and making the best menu for the event attendees is not always simple. DJ CHEF knows how to spin the beats while cooking meals to perfection.

As an entertainer, DJ CHEF makes sure he is on top of the latest trends. He has the influence necessary to improve the attendee experience in terms of music quality, innovative tunes, remixing different songs, and much more. DJ CHEF gives his clients an experience to remember.

Special Corporate Production/Creative Event

If you need to host a customized creative corporate entertainment event, host a promotional event, or hire any form of corporate event entertainment, DJ CHEF is here for you from beginning to end. DJ CHEF will help keep your guests entertained with his best in class corporate entertainment service

Concerts and Parties

Concerts, parties, and meetings are key events for any company or group organization. Companies need to interact with people to share their views, improve their services and engage in discussion on current events and trends. These public meetings happen in the way that every participant would relate himself in that environment. Public meetings build the linkage among people, educate them, and help form a community. These connection bridges are even more apparent in the flourishing corporate entertainment industry. As the entertainer, DJ CHEF knows the importance of community building. That is why he provides the best services to help clients achieve their event goals. 

Wine shows and parties

Wine shows & parties are much more influential than any other event in corporate entertainment. People want to relax and enjoy these moments. DJ CHEF excels in these kinds of large-scale events. We utilize all the means to entertain you. We work on every detail to create an entertaining environment for DJ CHEF to make a lasting impression on your guests, so that they may not forget the event and leave with happy memories. 

Ceremonies and Weddings

Ceremonies and weddings are a very special part of society. People gather and celebrate their happiness. Our fun-loving corporate team can provide excellent services in making your special day into dreamy ceremonies within your budget. DJ CHEF will achieve your objectives as per your desires. DJ CHEF will be at your desired location, will play your song selection, background music, and cook great food to meet your expectations and turn your event into a memorable one.

In terms of corporate entertainment, DJ CHEF covers all aspects and all events from large-scale ceremonies to corporate events. DJ CHEF is an entertainer and a personal brand you want to know.