Private parties can be of different kinds. You may want to host at different times in life, whether it is for yourself or someone special and dear to you. It may be a bachelorette party, a kid’s birthday party, a private quiet wedding party, or even an anniversary. As long as there are beautiful reasons to celebrate life, you should make the most of it. At DJ CHEF, we love to provide an extraordinary experience for our clients. If you are looking for a unique and new way to make your private party memorable for several years to come, nothing beats the idea to hire a celebrity chef who spins the beats while he simultaneously cooks amazing recipes for everyone.

Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party Ideas on Long Island

Everyone loves to be on Long Island. It is an attractive place, densely populated along the east of New York City. There are some amazing wineries, trendy restaurants, and historic places. If you want to host a private bachelorette party here, DJ CHEF will be there with you to make it even more magical. He has a portfolio of creative bachelorette party ideas in Long Island and also for bridal showers. Even if it is a bachelorette party in the Hamptons, he will help make it one of the best you have ever been to. However, you need to book in advance because of his tight schedule. In addition, he will set up his own stage, lighting, music and prepare his table to cook as he rocks your world with music.

DJ CHEF will play any music you want as he cooks away with passion. Nothing is more fun than mixing music (with a disc jockey) and eating mouthwatering food on such special occasions. You will be his special guest throughout the bachelorette party or bridal shower event.

Once you hire him for the evening, he will plan the menu according to your taste. You can be sure that when DJ CHEF cooks, the flavors come to life and are mouthwatering and something to enjoy. Perhaps there is magic in his beats or the combination of his ability to mix music while cooking that makes the overall mood of the guests in attendance extra peaked. If you want something sizzling, he will match the beats of the music selection to this tasteful theme. If you want something juicy and mouthwatering, his menu, and beats will be just what you need for your special bridal shower or bachelorette party in Long Island.

Kids Birthday Cooking Parties

Birthdays are special to DJ CHEF, especially for kids. It has to be all about goodies and their favorite recipes. Burgers, pastries, pancakes, cookies, you name it. Whatever your kids want, DJ CHEF will prepare it. At the same time, he will engage the kids in cooking along with him and play fun music that is fun to dance to and also age appropriate.

Kids have a unique taste in songs and music. He understands this very well and this is why he has become quite popular amongst kids parties in the Hamptons and across all of Long Island. The secret is in knowing what the special kid’s (whose birthday it is) love of music. Is he or she a Justin Bieber fan? Does the kid prefer Maroon 5? Whatever the birthday boy or girl loves, DJ CHEF will play. He will come with his unique disc jockeying skills to play and mix music live like no other DJ does.

Bat Mitzvahs

Bar or Bat Mitzvahs are special private parties in Jewish customs. Why not consider making this ritual special for the boys and girls with some musical/disc jockey and amazing recipes cooked by DJ CHEF himself. He will play traditional and modern music according to this special occasion to make your child feel extra special on their important day.

Sweet Sixteens

This is the best age for a birthday celebration that will become a memory of a lifetime. DJ CHEF knows exactly what music to spin and knows what to cook simultaneously as he plays the music for the sweet sixteen. You can discuss your favorite party ideas with him too. Together you can plan the perfect birthday even and make it awesome for your teen.

School & Camp Events

DJ CHEF has become quite popular with kids because he is known for making school and camp events extra interesting and fun. You too can be one of those schools and invite him over to work his magic for the school kids. Give him an opportunity to help you show your school children that they are important to you and loved by all. As they take a break from the hectic school work and strict schedules at school, DJ CHEF can give them a memory of a lifetime. He will cook and make sure to take requests to not let the music stop.

Private Adult Birthday Party

Not every adult event has to be a public affair. We have some amazing birthday party entertainment ideas for your private adult party event or entertainment for an adult or holiday party.

The secret is in planning the music and the perfect meal to go with it. DJ CHEF has years of experience with planning the best music and menu for any adult birthday party. Trust his expertise. Once he takes the stage, the objective of your event will be a huge success. You do not have to look anywhere else to hire the best private chef in the Hamptons.

Grownups have a unique taste in lighting, food, and music. DJ CHEF knows what you need. He has great insight into what mood the people want and his instincts always serve the people right. Yes, it is not possible to please everyone, but DJ CHEF’s reputation precedes him. This alone makes a huge impact on your guests. Let him help take care of the mood you need at your special event.

If you want this celebrity chef to cook a special menu, feel free to tell him. He will prepare the even to make the best music and food for your special event.

Plan ahead of time, and book now so that he can be available for your special private party entertainment.